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This is an incomplete list of video games (∼ 797) released for the Sega Saturn video game console.

~  ?? games have been tested: 169 are playable (~ xx%), 30 are not, 8 are almost playable.

Compatibility Guidelines:

If you're submitting to the compatibility page: Beside adding one of the conditions below, please also state which version of Kronos you used, unless there is a subpage for the game. If so, state the version there instead.

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Condition Description Notes
Not Tested means that the game hasn't been tested, but added to the list.
Not Playable means that the game does not work at all. This includes getting black screen, freezing, crash logs and similar. freeze in menu, black screen, shows nothing, shows stuff (specifically you might want to clarify what is being shown)
Almost Playable means that the game works, but has too many problems that makes it impossible to play through. This includes no sound, heavy amount of graphical glitches and similar things that would make the game near impossible to complete. lots of glitches, no sound, input issues
Playable means that the game works and is fully playable with sound. minor graphical glitches can occur, sound might not be perfect etc... minor glitches, sound issues.
Perfect means that there are no issues and the game is emulated perfectly.
Title Version Compatibility
Wachenröder Not Tested
Waku Waku 7 Not Tested
Waku Waku Monster Not Tested
Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon Not Tested
Wan Chai Connection Not Tested
Wangan Dead Heat + Real Arrange UoYabause 1.6.0 Not Playable. FMV won't play.
Wangan Trial Love Not Tested
Wara Wara Wars - Gekitou ! Daigundan Battle Not Tested
Warcraft II - The Dark Saga Not Tested
Welcome House Not Tested
Whizz Not Tested
Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits Not Tested
Willy Wombat Not Tested
Wing Arms UoYabause 1.6.0 Playable. On the plane screen, transition screen problem.
Winning Post Not Tested
Winning Post 2 Not Tested
Winning Post 3 Not Tested
Winning Post Ex Not Tested
Winter Heat UoYabause 1.6.0 Playable.
WipEout UoYabause 1.6.0 Playable.
WipEout 2097 UoYabause 1.6.0 Playable.
With You - Mitsumeteitai Not Tested
Wizardry VI & VII Complete Not Tested
Wizard's Harmony Not Tested
Wizard's Harmony 2 Not Tested
Wizardry - Llylgamyn Saga Not Tested
Wizardry Nemesis Not Tested
Wolf Fang SS - Kuuga 2001 Not Tested
Wonder 3 Arcade Gears (Three Wonders): Roosters, Chariot and Donburu Not Tested
World Advanced Daisenryaku - Koutetsu No Senpuu (JP)Iron Storm: World Advanced Strategy (NA) Not Tested
World Advanced Daisenryaku - Sakusen File UoYabause 1.6.0 Playable. GFX problem on the intro video.
World Cup '98 France - Road to Win Not Tested
World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (NA/EU)World Cup Golf In Hyatt Dorado Beach (JP) Not Tested
World Evolution Soccer Not Tested
World Heroes Perfect Not Tested
World League Soccer 98 Not Tested
World Series Baseball Not Tested
World Series Baseball 2 Not Tested
World Series Baseball '98 Not Tested
Worldwide Soccer - Sega International Victory Goal Edition Not Tested
Worms UoYabause 1.6.0 Playable.
WWF In Your House Not Tested
WWF WrestleMania : The Arcade Game Not Tested