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Kronos help?

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Hello im sorry if this is not the right fourm or place to ask about kronos? I hope it is, i had a question or more like a request. With less cpu useage is it possible to have a emulator for a raspberry pi b + atleast 2d games im really only interested in castlevania dracula x, i know playing 3d is not possible cos of all the power it needs, or lower lowerdown specs in the emulator to run 2d games like ironman manowar, war craft 2, rainbow puzzle game? I would really like that and alot more people have asked over at retropie?
We have a pls yabause on raspberry pi 3 but its old and runs really really slow and we also have have a yabause for our desktop rasbian runs a bit faster but still slow to enjoy.

But i think this was a question and a request please if you can help us have a 2d saturn emulator for our raspberry pi 3 b +. :D



The issue with raspberry pi 3+ ,(or even 3 and 2), is that it only support OpenGLES2.0 with low GPU capabilities. Kronos, as uoYabause, is based on openGLES3.0 and uses some ES3.0 features that are not available on ES2.0, like buffer packing. Porting on OpenGLES2.0 might be feasible but the port will consume far more CPU and memory bandwidth.
So, even if we go for a port on an old OpenGLES version, the Rpi will not be enough powerfull to get the right fps.

If you want to build a retropie system using Kronos or uoYabause, you have to consider the ODroid XU4 board which has a good performance and the same HW footprint as a Rpi.



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Hello, thanks for replying, i thought of buying a odroid but at the time i cant aforfd a the odroid.

I thought i replyed already but i guess not.
I had a question or 2.
Is it possible to removed features for heavy duty to run dracula x, say a launch for only dracula x, or say shinobi, bubble bobble for example, but im really only interested in dracula x.

A example is on n64 for the original xbox they made a launch for mario kart 64 , 007 golden eye. Some use same but depends.

On the og xbox also yabause we made 5 different launches for 2d games and 3d but of course 3d wont run correctly on the og xbox but a few games did run at okay like bubble bobble ran pretty good but why?

If og xbox has only 64 ram and no open gl, and uses yabause 9.11 or 10 we used 1 of theses versions.

Im not sure if this is possible for your team to do just like a single launch, for dracula x and remove certain codes not needed but only for dracula x?

Thanks again for being kind i hope something good is a option.

If anything ill just buy a odroid xu4, thanks again instead of just trying and trying hehe

Benjamin Siskoo

Hello Notthesame,

I guess your request is a bit complicated for several reasons :
- it's time consuming to create a special edition of Kronos (or Yabause)
- François is the only developper on Kronos. He's doing this on his free time.
- It should be usefull for a small part of users and not for all.

Anyway, you should try Nova 0.4 : maybe it could be helpfull :)


Hey i thought about it and yes its not all a try, ill either try nova or just buy a odroid, thank you ill be also sticking around cos i love sega saturn and this is seems cool to have a page on this newer emulator, thanks for the options.

Benjamin Siskoo